1994 acura integra service manual pdf

Acura Repair Service Manuals PDF - Car service repair manuals I have gathered this information from searching google, previous write up's, other forums, superhonda, haynes manual, club integra. Hopefully this will be very helpful for you all gen 3 integra owners. See: Download adobe reader * thanks vesperfx, steveo135. Honda Acura Integra Service and Repair Manual PDF · Acura Repair Manuals. 1991-1994 Honda Acura NSX Body Repair Manual PDF · Acura Repair.

Acura Integra RS, LS, GS-R Service Manual 100 per. This is absolutely not all of the information that could be provided.. *94-97 model pictured *98-01 model pictured * You will need adobe acrobat reader to read files.. Acura Integra RS, LS, GS-R Service Manual 100 per cent. A history of the Nissan Skyline and GT-R view our post to download a PDF poster.

Honda Civic 1996-2000, Honda CR-V 1997-2000 & Acura Integra. Q: What all is needed to put a 98 frontend on my 94-07? Acura Integra 1994-2000 Haynes Automotive Repair Manual. Honda Civic/del Sol, 1996-2000 Chilton Total Car Care Series Manuals. I know this because I also got the factory service manual on CD on the auction site.

Acura Integra 1994 Service Manual Honda Motor Co Free. A: bumper,headlhts,bumper lhts,bumper lht bracket Q: Where can i purchase OEM acura parts online? Jan 12, 2017. Service manual for the 1994 model year Acura Integra.

GEN 3 - All General information & specifications. A: *How-To/DIY: Wire Tucking Engine Bay Side Harnesses for 94-01 3rd Generation Integra https://honda-tech.com/acura-integra...tegra-3228764/ Preventive maintenance intervals - thanks steve0135 * Link: How to change engine oil. Automatic & CVT transaxle drain plug- 36 ft-lbs Manual transaxle drain plug - 29 ft-lbs Manual transaxle filler plug - 33 ft-lbs Fuel filter Banjo bolt - 25 ft-lbs Fuel filter banjo nut - 16 ft-lbs Spark plugs - 13 ft-lbs Wheel lug nuts - 80 ft-lbs Seat bolts - 16 ftlbs for 3 bolts.. B-series torque specs https://honda-tech.com/zerothread? id=953151 (Automatic) drain and refil = 2.9 quarts (manual tranny) = 2.3 quarts Transmission teeth count, tranny codes, etc. Acura integra general information/specifications. All Acura integra Service Bulletins. Acura integra wiring manual file

Acura Manuals & Literature eBay '97-'00 Integra Type R - B18C5 1797 10.6:1 [email protected][email protected] '94-'00 Integra GS-R - B18C1 1797 10.0:1 [email protected][email protected] '94-'00 Integra LS/RS/GS - B18B1 1834 9.2:1 [email protected][email protected] - B18B1 Standard: 199 psi Minimum : 140 psi Maximum variations between cylinders: 28 psi * Link: How to do a leak down test. 4-speed automatic 1st 2.722 2nd 1.468 3rd 0.975 4th 0.638 Final drive 4.357 reverse 1.954 rs,ls,gs,se 5-speed manual 1st 3.230 2nd 1.900 3rd 1.269 4th 0.966 5th 0.714 Final drive 4.266 reverse 3.000 GS-R 5-speed manual 1st 3.230 2nd 1.900 3rd 1.360 4th 1.034 5th 0.787 Final drive 4.400 reverse 3.000 US 97-01 ITR JDM 95-97 ITR JDM 92-00 Si R/CTR Hydro 1st 3.230 2nd 2.105 3rd 1.458 4th 1.107 5th 0.848 reverse 3.000 Final drive: 4.4 JDM 98-01 ITR 1st 3.230 2nd 2.105 3rd 1.458 4th 1.034 5th 0.787 reverse 3.000 Final drive: 4.785 RS: 2529 (2 door) 2670 (4 door) LS: 2643 (2 door) 2703 (4 door) SE: 2663 (2 door) 2723 (4 door) GS: 2663 (2 door) 2723 (4 door) GSR: 2687 (2 door) 2765 (4 door) Type R: 2577 (2 door) * Note these wehts could vary due to options available from the factory. Bishko OEM Repair Maintenance Shop Manual Acura Integra 1998. Acura Integra Performance Handbook 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996.

Acura Integra 94-97 Service Manual Airbag - Scribd B18C1,b18c5 Standard: 270 psi Minimum: 140 psi Maximum variations between cylinders: 28 psi (as stated in service manual) Non-Platinum LS, RS, GS: NGK ZFR5F-11 or Denso KJ16CB-L11 Gap: 0.039-0.043 in Platinum GS-R, Type R: NGK PFR6G-13 or Denso PK20PR-L13 Gap: 0.047 or 0.051 in *thanks ''goota'' B18B1 engines With regulator vacuum hose attached: 31-36 psi With regulator vacuum hose disconnected: 40-47 psi B18C1 engines through 1997 With regulator vacuum hose attached - 39 to 46 psi With regulator vacuum hose disconnected - 48 to 55 psi B18C1/B18C5 engines through 98 With regulator vacuum hose attached - 38-46 psi With regulator vacuum hose disconnected - 47-54 psi No spark? -Make sure nition switched is turned to off position -Remove the dizzy cap - Disconnect the primary electrical connectors to the coil - Using an ohmeter touch the probes and compare your results to the values listed. Integra RS: No abs, No moon roof, power windows,power door locks are an option, came with cloth seats Integra LS: (luxery sport) Came with power door locks, sun roof, power windows, Has ABS, The LS also came with cloth seats Integra SE (special edition): (only available in 1995/1996 which is basiy the integra GSR without the suspension and engine upgrades) Comes standard with leather, moon roof and all power options Integra GSgrand sport) the "twin" of the SE but wasn't released until 1997.. ACUrjA. INTEGFIF Service Manual 1994. I NTRODUCTI ON How to Use This Manual Thi s manual i s di vi ded i nto 23 secti ons. The fi rst page of each sec-

<i>Acura</i> Repair <i>Service</i> <i>Manuals</i> <i>PDF</i> - Car <i>service</i> repair <i>manuals</i>
<i>Acura</i> <i>Integra</i> RS, LS, GS-R <i>Service</i> <i>Manual</i> 100 per.
Honda Civic 1996-2000, Honda CR-V 1997-2000 & <b>Acura</b> <b>Integra</b>.
<i>Acura</i> <i>Integra</i> <i>1994</i> <i>Service</i> <i>Manual</i> Honda Motor Co Free.

1994 acura integra service manual pdf:

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