Micronta discovery 2 metal detector manual

Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200 Metal Detector. I have had my 505 for six years now and no problems or complaints at all, this unit just keeps humming along, two weeks ago I dug a target on the Columbia river at 14 inches the soil contains lots of black sands and gold, it was a 9 inch long piece of iron, that was very impressive for a bounty hunter, they work almost as well as units costing 3 times as much, hopefully they will update there detector line in the near future, I own three other brands of detectors A Garret GTI 2500, Fisher Coinstrike, Minelab Eureka Gold, Bounty Hunters aren’t cheap they are just inexpensive.. Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200 with FREE Pin-Pointer Metal Detector. 4.4 out of. My fix was purchasing four rechargable nimh 9volt batteries from Radio Shack. Two for. Easy instructions. Bounty Hunter QD2 Quick Draw II Metal Detector.

Micronta VideoLike I purchased a Quick Draw II Metal detector as my first metal detector. Micronta 3001 metal detector. Micronta Radio Shack 4003 Metal Detector Quick Fix. Micronta Benchtop Multimeter Model 22-195 Repair video # 2

How to Use a Micronta 4003 Metal Detector Sciencing I've gone out twice and I believe my battery is dead already. Turn the "Test" knob to the Battery 1 or Battery 2 position and confirm that the needle points to the green. Compass Metal Detector Manual Instructions

How to Use a Micronta 4003 Metal Detector eBay Is this the expected life of the batteries (2-9 volts)? The Micronta 4003 metal detector consists. Grasp the handle of the metal detector, and hold the unit so that the search coil is around 1/2 to 2 inches.

Home - Website of paxemoro! I couldn't tell for certain because I've not seen the low battery indicator come on. KHz +/- 2 kHz Distance Range Coins 8" Find best value and selection for your MICRONTA-4001-DISCRIMINATOR-METAL-DETECTOR-MANUAL- search on eBay.

Bounty Hunter Discovery 2000 Metal Detector Reviews The unit worked well for me but became a little irratic and when i turned it off to d, it wouldn't turn back on. It is labeled Radio Shack but it is made by Bounty Hunter. First time using it I found a tiny gold flower earring that "just" wehs.2 gram. The earring is super tiny.

Micronta discovery 2 metal detector manual:

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